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Bruins Have Tied It Up

Even though the Bruins led by two goals to start Game 4, they did a very good job at making sure my heart rate went through the roof!! I looked down at my Fitbit towards the end of the 3rd period with an empty net at Toronto’s end, and one goal separating us from a tied series, or a Toronto death... Read More

Pain in the Chains!

Hola Bitcholas, Pain in the Grass is coming up so I can't help but think of memories from previous Pains in the Grass. Not sure if I got the plural right, but I have the luxury of not caring. If you don't know, Pain in the Grass is a massive cincert we do each year. Anyway, being backstage is not... Read More

Mission Accomplished

Now that I have had a day of rest, which I took full advantage of, I can now sit back, look at the pictures, and reflect on Monday. On the drive to Hopkinton, it was pouring, with thunder and lightning that lit up the dark sky. I hid close to the start line, trying to keep calm and stay dry,... Read More

Ozzy Osbourne Never Snorted Ants, Says Jake E. Lee

Ozzy Osbourne, in more ways than one, is a music legend. He bit the head off of a live bat onstage, urinated on the Alamo, and shaved off people's eyebrows for fun. But according to his guitarist Jake E. Lee, the infamous tale of Ozzy snorting a line of ants never actually happened. Although it was... Read More

Watch 250 Musicians Cover Metallica's "Sad But True"

Over the course of over 40 years, Metallica has collected millions of fans from around the world. So much that just over 250 musicians gathered together in Moscow, Russia to cover their 1991 hit song "Sad But True." Known as "RocknMob," the group is known for creating flash mobs to cover songs by... Read More
Scenic Montreal city skyline

Montreal Officially Declared a Heavy Metal City

While alt rock favorites Arcade Fire might be Montreal’s best-known musical export at the moment, city leaders seem to want their bands to play a little louder than that. City council has officially declared Montreal to be a heavy metal city. The measure was introduced by Councilor and resident... Read More

Keanu Reeves Once Trolled Metal Fans By Covering The Grateful Dead

Keanu Reeves has had a tight history with rock music. He is Ted Logan of Wyld Stallyns after all! But following the success of both Bill & Ted movies, Reeves tried his hand at music for real by playing bass in the '90s grunge band, Dogstar. According to his recent interview with GQ , it didn't... Read More