The Yearly Rewind: WAAF's Top 10 Moments From 2016

December 20, 2016

The year is almost over and a lot has happened over the last 365 days. We've seen lots of concerts, met lots of new people, and made plenty of new friends! In no particular order here are our top 10 moments from 2016!

We learned about the joys and dangers of Pokémon GO!

Greg Hill faced off against his middle-school nemesis, Jack, in a no-holds-barred match of Presidential trivia!

LB finally got his Montreal Canadiens tattoo!

Mistress Carrie met with Guns N' Roses' Production Manager, Dale "Opie" Skjerseth~

Mike Hsu put on his gamer face at PAX East!

Sue Costello made a sitcom with the Hill-Man Morning Show! 

Freaky stuff started happening when Mistress Carrie got left alone in the office!

Mike Hsu did the "No Pants Subway Ride!"

Michael Dowd "America's Dirtiest Cop" appeared on the Hill-Man Morning Show

Mistress Carrie drove a real NASCAR!