"We're Not Worthy!" Alice Cooper Looks Back On That 'Wayne's World' Scene 25 Years Later

February 8, 2017

"Wayne's World is one of those movies that wherever you come into it, you can go from there," says Alice Cooper told Billboard. "Like Airplane! or Caddyshack or Dumb and Dumber, you can turn it on right in the middle and it’s very quotable. I’d say it was in the Top 10 of most quotable [movies]." 

Cooper is widely known for having a very funny (and very informative) cameo in the film, and has since then spawned a running gag that has followed Cooper around ever since. "Airports is when everybody does “We’re not worthy!” I always try to let them think it’s the first time anybody’s ever done that. And they’re so clever. After about the fourth time a day I put my hand out like, 'Kiss my ring,' like I do in the movie, and they all love to do that."

His appearance in Wayne's World also opened a new experience to Alice Cooper: being an actor. "When I got to the set, Mike said, 'You’re an actor, can you do some lines for us?' I went 'sure' and I got like five pages of dialogue. I said, 'When are we doing this?' He goes, 'In about 20 minutes.' I go 'OK.' So a lot of it was riffing. I think we did it in two takes. Of course, Dana and Mike, on the floor with the 'We’re not worthy!' thing, were doing everything they could to get me to break up. But they didn’t realize my iron will, so I went right through that dialogue, and I think I surprised them. But if you would have seen the outtakes of 'We’re not worthy, we’re scum,' it goes on for like five or six minutes. And it just gets vile. Whoever owns those outtakes owns a little treasure."

(source: Billboard)