Watch Maynard James Keenan Talk Success, Making Wine, David Bowie's Legacy And More

August 31, 2017

In a video piece done for Revolver MagazineTool/A Perfect Circle/Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keennan discussed his thoughts on becoming successful, his endeavours in making his own wine, and the legacy of David Bowie in "The Art of Work."

We visit Keenan at his vineyard in Jerome, AZ where he describes the art of making wine as a rejuvenating experience to writing songs. "I'm always writing. I'm working with Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer all the time," says Keenan. "Just slowly hedging our way through it all to present. If I was just doing those things, you start to run out of actual life experiences. All you're going to write about is the bus or a f**ked up lawsuit, you just kind of lose your way, become disconnected. This is the reconnect."

Keenan also reflected on the amount of praise David Bowie has received since passing away in January 2016. "There's a reverence to him, and a worship of sorts, a fan reaction to what he's done, and he no longer is here, but that's kind of one direction," says Keenan. "...but if we are no longer here, there are other people to continue what we started. In a way that's more of a legacy because you've established something that can continue 100, 200 years beyond you."

Check out the full video below!