Travis Barker Says Former Bandmate Tom DeLonge Wanted Blink-182 To Sound Like Coldplay

March 2, 2016

In a recent interview, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker shared some hash words for former bandmate Tom DeLonge, who ended up leaving the band in January 2015. While discussing the rift that built between himself, DeLonge, and Mark Hoppus, Barker said that DeLonge was "basically just tapped out," and was "being extremely difficult" before his departure.

"I think Blink is like Eternal Youth. Mark [Hoppus] and I never wanted to change," Barker explained, saying how DeLonge wanted to re-brand Blink-182's signature, youthful, pop-punk sound. "The last couple of albums, Tom wanted to sound like U2, to record songs that basically sound like Coldplay. For us, we were always like 'Blink is Blink, man. We want to sound like f**king Blink-182. That's why we're in this band.'" said Barker.

"I never want any of my other side projects to influence Blink. I love Blink for what it is. We love Blink and we love the sound of Blink."

When it came to filling in DeLonge's shoes, Barker said that the "only person" who could do it was Matt Akiba of Alkaline Trio, mentioning that even though the new music that they're producing sounds "different but still the same."

(source: UPROXX)