TODAY IN TRAILERS: The Creed 2 Trailer Is (Insert Fire Emoji)

September 26, 2018


One of the most anticipated sequels of 2019, CREED 2 arrives in theaters this November. And while I'm never one to wish away a day or a season, what with football and foliage and apple picking and fall beers and everything pumpkin spice AF...IT NEEDS TO BE LATE NOVEMBER NOW. Serioustown, November 21st can't come soon enough. CREED was one of the best and biggest surprises at the movies this decade. Rare am I to praise a requel (part reboot/part sequel), but the original not only revived a classic American franchise but also gave life to a new storyline. Adonis Creed, son of the former champ, lost and disillusioned in life, in search of purpose and guidance, finds it in the form of his dad's greatest rival. Everything from the music, cinematography, direction (from BLACK PANTHER director Ryan Coogler), script, score (echoing the famous ROCKY  "Gonna Fly Now" theme), the montages, and especially the performances (Stallone was robbed at the Oscars!) were top-shelf. It's impossible to watch CREED and not want to do something, or just break stuff, or be a better you, or be a better you by breaking stuff. High re-watchability for the late night cable potatoes and binge streamers out there.

And now, Adonis is back, a champion, but still angry, still out to prove something and get answers that may be unattainable. And here's comes the challenge of a lifetime: a chance to fight the son of the man who killed his father...the son of the man who battered his mentor and father figure...the son of the man who altered his life. "Sequel Feels, party of one, your movie will be released in two months!" Can there be much more on the line? So much at stake, so much set to collide. Plus the chance that Drago and Rocky may clash in some capacity again? This is my now and my childhood and everything contemporary and 80's set to collide. Good luck watching this and not freaking out, rewatching the trailer, then rewatching CREED, then going for a run listening to the ROCKY soundtrack, and then setting Google Calendar alerts all week leading up to the November 21st release date. All in a montage.