That Time Metallica's Robert Trujillo Schooled Kirk Hammett On The Guitar

March 30, 2017

Everybody knows that Kirk Hammett is a masterful and technical guitarist. Look to him to dish out well-crafted guitar solos at the drop of a dime.

Then we have Metallica's bassist Robert Trujillo, a one-man powerhouse that produces thunderous bass lines using only his fingertips. No picks for this guy!

Both members are masters of their own instruments. But when one starts displaying proficiency in their other's territory, you can taste the tension in the air. In a memorable scene from the 2004 documentary Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster, we learn that upon joining the band, not only is Trujillo a tank behind the bass guitar, he is also well-versed in flamenco guitar as well!

He even impressed James Hetfield!  When Hammett entered the studio, Hetfield said to him, "Dude, your gig's in jeopardy."

"Maybe you and I should just quit," joked Hammett. Wait until the 2:15 mark to see Hammet seethe with jealousy!