Thunderstruck: Kids Listen To AC/DC And Know Exactly Who They Are!

April 17, 2017

Who needs professional critics to critique your work when you the most brutally honest people in the world are under twelve years old?

The Fine Brothers of the REACT YouTube channel are back with another reaction video where they introduce some of their younger cast members to one of the greatest rock bands on the face of the Earth: AC/DC.

In the past they have listened to other classic rock bands like MetallicaNirvana and Guns N' Roses!

Many of the kids' reactions where overwhelmingly positive, especially seeing as many of them as young as six are aware of AC/DC's music.
"Okay, everyone knows who AC/DC is."
"This is good! Oh yeah, let's go!"
"It's a really good guitar person."
"It's something you'd listen to at a dance party, and you just jump around, like at a concert."
"They're really good as a band. I would listen to them."
"When you think of rock, you think of AC/DC."

Of course, it wouldn't be a fair critique of the band if there weren't any negative reviews of the music by the kids too.
"It's not very good. I don't know. It's probably me because I'm not a huge fan of rock."
"What is this?"
"... really?"

And we just had to highlight this gem of one little girl's opinion of what Bon Scott's voice souds like.
"It's a little gremlin voice, sort of!"

Watch all of their reactions below!