This Week in TV Time with Ted

May 19, 2017

Welcome to the Best of TV Time with Ted!

Week of: 5/15-5/19/17

Spicey and Trump kissed and made up!

This cat is about to serenade you in baratone.

This guy made an amazing shot with a Nerf gun and shot his mom in the bubble she was blowing. Side note: Maybe shooting mom wasn't the best Mother's Day gift, but she laughed pretty hard and seemed to love it. 

What if The Rock did run for President against Donald Trump in 2020? Well, Jimmy Kimmel gives us a idea of what that Pay-Per-View could look like.

We had one hell of a week here in Seattle. So to wrap it up, enjoy one Seattle legend paying tribute to another as Ann Wilson of Heart sang 'Black Hole Sun' on Kimmel.