Ted's Blog: UFC 211

May 11, 2017

This weekend in the UFC, there are a couple of big fights I am pumped to see and both are for UFC Championships. First off, I would have to mention the Heavyweight title fight with your current and defending UFC heavyweight champ, Stipe Miocic taking on former UFC heavyweight champ Junior Dos Santos. This is a rematch and let's be honest, the heavyweight title is always going to be one of the top spots in all of combat sports. People just love to watch big fights! Even when I watch MMA fights, I get a little pumped when I see the big boys on the card. Stipe Miocic is also a firefighter in his home town in Ohio. How can you not cheer for a guy like that? He was born and raised in Ohio, but his parents were from Croatia, hence his unique sounding name. The guy seems to be everything you want in a champion, but honestly I like Dos Santos as well. I feel like this fight will be a tough one for a lot of UFC fans to decide because both guys are pretty popular. They have fought before and Dos Santos won that one, but I have a feeling this one will be different and Miocic will once again defend his title. Title defenses in the heavyweight division are tough and rare.

Now let's talk about (maybe my favorite fighter right now in the UFC) the women's straw weight champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk from Poland. I have watched her last five fights or so and watching her stand up is what makes me love her. I grew up a boxing fan and have boxed in the past so as much as I respect great ground games, I love watching good striking and that's her. Her style sometimes takes a while to get going. As in, the first round or two she will take a bit of beating, but then she will strike. I mean with precision, she starts throwing jabs and combos that get me jumping out of my seat. Man or woman, this is about good clean striking and proper form; all of which she has in my mind. As you can tell, I am gushing a bit because the first time I saw her fight I was just blown away and as some of the divisions in the UFC can get stale, she is fighting the best at her weight and defending the title. Some people forget that you need to defend the title and not just win one to be one of the greats. She is in for a tough fight this weekend and I see it going a lot like her last couple fights. I think the bigger, stronger girl will win the first round or two and if Joanna can withstand this, I promise she will turn it on and start to dominate in the third round. I am pumped for this fight and can't wait to watch the best stand up fighter in the game!