Ted's Blog: Pro Sports Award Shows

June 28, 2017

I have noticed that all the major sports leagues have award shows now. If you won the MVP back in the day, you just won the MVP, but now when you win the awards they have an awards show to give them to you. I am a bit torn on this issue as I am not sure that we need an awards show to give these out, but on the same token I kind of liked the NBA awards show. Honestly, I was totally against the awards show for the league awards, but the NBA showed good personality and emotion. I also think the fashion is awesome in the NBA! I say that fully understanding that some of the fashion seems crazy and silly, but I think it is cool. Look, your boy Ted here would not be caught wearing most of that stuff, but I am also not a cool pro athlete. The NBA award show might be one red carpet I care about. Young pro athletes have been pulling off looks the rest of couldn't for years. Shout out to Walt "Clyde" Frazier! 

The other funny thing about the NBA awards is that Russell Westbrook won the NBA's Most Valuable Player award. 'Funny' because at one point in Oklahoma City they had Kevin Durant, James Harden and Russell Westbrook on the same team! James Harden was the first to leave and he has done great in Houston and really proved to be a superstar in the NBA. Kevin Durant stayed for a few more years and after losing multiple years in the playoffs decided to join up the Golden State Warriors and won a championship this past year. So, I think in the end if you still had all these guys on one team, they would have a title by now. As great as Westbrook was this year, could he ever had been that good and been a MVP if Kevin Durant was still on the Thunder?

I wonder about this kind of stuff. I mean it seems like they should have been that awesome with both those guys, but then again maybe they both needed to go on their own ways to be awesome. Either way, years from now most will wonder if all three of those guys were there...then why didn't they win a title in Oklahoma City?!