Ted's Blog: NBA Draft

June 20, 2017

Thursday is the NBA Draft and the number one pick is going to be Markelle Fultz from the University of Washington. More importantly, Markelle is also a DeMatha Catholic High School grad, like myself. I obviously don't know him since I graduated back in 1999, but I cannot explain to you how much pride I take in being an alumni of DeMatha and the pride in seeing another grad doing well in life. When I was at DeMatha, we had two first team All-Americans on the basketball team and they both ended up in the NBA. Joe Forte was one of them and I will always remember the day he was drafted. It was kind of unreal that my friend was going to play in the NBA. He had already become a big star at the University of North Carolina and in the NCAA tournament, but to see his name called on draft night was something different and awesome.  

Now I see a kid like Markelle Fultz is going to be the number one pick and I am pumped all over again! I never saw him play when he was at DeMatha, but then he ended up coming out to the University of Washington so I got to see him play in person. I was impressed with his performance and saw his stock rise all year. Not only was he doing great at the college level, but also last Summer he dominated for the under-18 USA basketball team. Going to a school like DeMatha is great and the alumni is full of athletes and other famous alumni like James Brown from CBS sports. My point being, having the number one pick in the draft being from there is pretty special. I am always proud of DeMatha and a special shout out to Coach Jones.