The Best of TV Time!

June 30, 2017

Best of TV Time: 6/26-6/30/17


Sometimes when you first meet someone you don't get along. Well it turns out that Al Roker and Matt Lauer did not get off to a great start back in the day. 

I love sports, but one thing that sucks about sports is they make you feel old because the players are so young. Cody Bellinger of the LA Dodgers is young enough hat he does not even know who Jerry Seinfeld is.


What makes a great athlete, hard work, dedication sure but most importantly is a great handshake.  

How honest are you? Ok, but how honest are you when nobody is watching? Well, this lady found out that Ellen is always watching!

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Don't rob a pregnant lady of her purse. Seems like common sense, but this guy learned the hard way after she chased him down in her SUV.

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