Stone Sour Releases Cryptic "Hydrograd" Teaser

April 21, 2017

With Stone Sour's new album Hydrograd looming over the horizon, the band has hinted of new music coming sometime in April. They've also released a series of cryptic messages in a YouTube video with the sound of Corey Taylor's vocals in the background.

Stone Sour also released a series of cryptic messages on their Facebook page that at first appear to be just gibberish after being hacked. But further examination reveals hidden messages that many fans percieve has song lyrics.

"The razors in the pillowcase seem to cut 'em all, but..."

"I can't recall the last time I was caught between the walls."

"Old foe, dead things, take a toll... Remember, it's just a game."

Corey Taylor on the other hand has been dropping hints of his own according to his instagram posts, hinting at upcoming music videos for some of the new songs on Hydrograd.

*9 Single Digits! And a snap from onstage during the filming of the 'Fabuless' video yesterday! Thanks to all the fans who were a part of it!! #eyehaycha #stonesour #hydrograd #fabuless

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*8 CT + leather pants = VIDEO NUMBER 2! Shooting for 'Song #3' the actual single- coming soon! #eyehaycha #stonesour #hydrograd #songnumberthree

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Hydrograd is expected to be released in June 2017.

(source: Loudwrie)