Sting Gets His Brain Scanned For 'Mental Music' Research

August 18, 2016

During his trip to Montreal, Sting met up with cognitive psychologist and author of This Is Your Brain On MusicDaniel Levitin to have his brain scanned in order to aid in his research for how the brain analyzes and organizes music.

"The state-of-the-art techniques really allowed us to make maps of how Sting's brain organizes music," said Levitin. "That's important because at the heart of great musicianship is the ability to manipulate in one's mind rich representation of the desired soundscape."

Sting was previously familiar with Levitin's book and reached out to him, which lead to him volunteering for his research. Some of the experiments conducted included scanning Sting's brain as he listened to a multitude of music, like Astor Piazzolla's "Libertango" and the Beatles' "Girl," discovering that the part of the brain that processes unexpected connections aren't always heard by the average music listener.

Levitin also plans on scanning and analyzing the brain patterns of how "athletes organize their thoughts about body movements; how writers organize their thoughts about characters, how painters think about cool, form and space."

(source: Rolling Stone)