Steven Tyler Wants You To Seize The Opportunity To Screw Up

August 29, 2016

Steven Tyler has lived quite the life. He's the lead singer of Aerosmith. He's performed in front of millions of people around the world. He's got his own country solo album. He was a judge on American Idol. And he's only 68 years old. He's lived more lifetimes at once than many of us will live on our own. While in an interview with GQ, Tyler gives some key advice about living a life worth living through the joys of screwing up!

Disappoint Your Mom
"People always say, 'Let's just move forward,' What does that mean? How do you know what you did wrong if you just move forward? You're doomed to doing the same thing over and over again. Most people, they can't handle talking about what they might have done wrong, because we were all brought up with Mommy telling us yes and Daddy saying no. So, God forbid I'm wrong - Mom won't love me? You don't need to dwell on the past. But you do need to rethink what you did."

Appreciate Your Pain
"Be grateful for everything that went wrong. If you went back in time, if you were to change the worst thing that ever happened -  the worst thing -  you wouldn't be who you are today."

Don't Be Afraid To Piss People Off
"For all the arguments I've had with Joe Perry, or with the band, around a song, look what's come out. Nothing but great: 'Toys in the Attic' to 'Dream On' to 'Sweet Emotion' to 'Walk This Way.' I like to figure out exactly what it is that's wrong. And not just go, 'Okay, can we both agree to disagree? Great. Let's go get an ice cream cone,' What good was that conversation?"

Murphy's Law Is Stupid
"Murphy's Law should have never been invented: Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Once you learn that, then you're stuck. I'm sober today. I'm on fire with a new album. I'm in love. It's great. If I were to zero in on everything that was wrong in my life, I think things would be quote the opposite. That old saying, you are what you eat? No. But you really are what you think. There are so many people that are walking around so angry. And it's like, do you really want to waste the short amount of time you have here being miserable?"

​You're Going To Die, So Get A Cat
"Inside every old person is a young person wondering: What happened? Life goes so fast, and it's going to go even faster now, with the Internet and all that. have you ever gone swimming? Snorkeled? Have you ever met the Pope? Have you ever been married twice? Been with two women? Have you ever said you were sorry? Have you ever had a dog or a cat? I'm sure if whoever it is that we meet at the end of our road asks those questions, and people haven't, I can't imagine they'd feel good about that. What did Hunter S. Thompson say? I don't want to slide into the grave in a well-preserved body. I'd rather skid in sideways, ripped up, scratched, scarred, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, screaming, 'What a ride!'"

(source: GQ)