Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wants to Know If This Is Real Life

June 22, 2017


Look, we all know the world is f**ked up. It's just something you know and accept...and that's ok. But sometimes you feel like the world is f**king WITH you...and those are the moments where you're speechless.

Case-in-point, Bill Cosby had 2 jurors prevent him from facing any consequences for his alleged sexual misconduct. His alleged DECADES of sexual misconduct... you know, like drugging and raping women.  

Whatever we may, think about the Cos, he's a free man. It's how the system 'works' sometimes. But now Cos has plans:

That's just life flexing its sick sense of humor right?  

I mean, Chris Brown doesn't plan on opening a shelter for battered women or anything, does he?  

Will Johnny Depp open a money management consulting team?

Would you sign up for Mike Tyson Speech Therapy?

Josh Dugger Condoms?

Mel Gibson Synagogue?

Jared Fogle Puppet Theatre?

WTF? Those three letters sum up my take on Bill Cosby's decision.  

Like I said, sometimes I think life is just f**king with everybody...because, if it's not, then people really are horribly inappropriate. Christ...didn't OJ write a book called "IF I Did It..."?

Just my 2 cents. Two cents, by the way (including my own) is worth so little. Just sayin'. I mean, if you drop 2 pennies, you probably wouldn't even bother to pick them up.   

That's all I've got.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!