Thrill's Big Brown Blog Rocks and Rolls

May 23, 2017


Ryan Castle covered this on his blog (yesterday?), but I feel compelled to share my perspective of the New Originals' set this past Saturday night at the Crocodile.

First, if you didn't know, the New Originals played a gig this past Saturday night at the Crocodile...which is why I said that in the first paragraph. 

Just making sure you're paying attention.  

We played 8 tunes and, frankly, I think we had a pretty good set. Was feeling fired up and loose all day, which is the best combination before a gig. You want to be relaxed and just have fun. And I did. Was very hyped up so I just threw down and played like a mad man.

Typically I play in such a way that one might think I have a neurological disorder...I look kinda weird. That's my own assessment, but it's how I play if I'm feeling "it".  

The "it" was flowing and I was jumping around and loving every second of it.  

We get to our final song ("Man in the Box") and the "it" was still coursing through my sweaty veins...but not my sense of balance. Not only did I fall backwards, I crashed THROUGH the drum set that Castle was playing! 

Take a look.

I'd like to point out that I kept playing.  

That was my 'rock and roll' moment...and I can't rule out the possibility of it happening again. Actually, I just got an email from Castle indicating that we will be playing again on June 10th. So there.

Until next time, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!