Thrill's Big Brown Blog is Rehydrating

June 26, 2017


How the hell are ya? I'll just assume that you answered 'great' so that we can move on.

The Pain in the Grass concert was this past Saturday and I think we're all still trying to recover. It was fun, but it was hot and booze-fueled. In all honesty, I was 5 and a half shots deep by the time we arrived. Stopped by the office first, dug into a box of 'airplane minis' and got to it. Probably not the best decision, but it was the decision I made.

And then it was all about beer, water, Gatorade, repeat in the time we were there.  

Some observations; the crowd is passionate and amazingly kind. People were positive and complimentary all day. It's sh*t like that that restores my personal faith in humanity. There were THOUSANDS of people trying to beat the heat, but the positive vibe triumphed. That's always a source of pride with us; the fact that you sum bitches know how to party without the drama.  

That's what I've got today, bitches.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!