Thrill's Big Brown Blog Knows Too Much

June 30, 2017


As we do every week, we played another rousing edition of "Big Dummy!", the trivia game show. The game exists as the sole result of our insatiable appetite for knowing things that don't matter, are unimportant and otherwise serve no purpose than scratching the itch of curiosity.  

However, there are still some general nuggets of trivia that we assume "everyone" knows. Naturally this is a fool's belief, but we keep on believing. Today, though, people kept complaining that the questions were "hard". They may have been. I really can't tell.  

But this isn't about the trivia questions we asked earlier, this is an opportunity to pollute your brain-space with the kind of trivial rubbish we enjoy learning.

- "Approximately 2% of people have a gene that makes it so their armpits don't smell." In my experience, NONE of these people drive taxis.

- "During the Cold War, the government briefly considered a plan to mark a bunch of extra-large condoms as "medium" and airdrop them in the Soviet Union, to make the men there think their junk was considerably smaller than American men's. " It ALWAYS comes down to junk size. Always.  

- "Cats sleep so much that by the time they're nine years old, they've only been awake for only three of those years." WHY do we keep these things as pets?

- "98% of the atoms that currently make up your body are different than the atoms that made you up last year. Technically, you're almost an entirely different person now than you were a year ago." But you're still an assh*le.

- "Ventriloquism started as a RELIGIOUS practice. The ancient Greeks called it 'gastromancy' and they believed that the ventriloquist was getting messages from the gods." Yeah, that's what I think too every time I see Jeff Dunham. God-send.  

- "It's impossible to poison a possum. They produce a protein that basically neutralizes ANY poison that enters their body." Yet they play dead all the time. F**king liars!

- "The age a person is LEAST likely to die is 10 years old as a male, 9 years for a female." Basically, if you're reading this, you're in danger.  

That's my take.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!