Thrill's Big Brown Blog Doesn't Carrot All

July 20, 2017


How are you? Yeah? Me too.  

I also have the hiccups. I hate the mother**king hiccups. I can't express the depth of my loathing of hiccups. For me (and my father), they are a chronic thing. Like medically chronic.   

Wonderful thing to share with my father. That and male pattern baldness. Oh, and distinct dislike of pickles.  

But the hiccups...every 7 seconds like clockwork. That's about 8 every minute, and generally I'll have them no less than 6 hours. That works out to like 2800 times in a day and that's just stupid.

Had them last night the point that I finally had to throw up. It happens. Never awesome, but it's part it.   

The silver lining was that I'd eaten. And I'd eaten quite a bit...2 cheeseburgers, 2 crab cakes, and mountains of chips (poker night with the fellas) for dinner and I'd had stir fry earlier in the day for lunch.  

The stir fry is the one to remember.  

At about 1:30 this morning, I was hugging the bowl puking up my guts and it sucked, like puking always does. Mostly because I was wasting delicious cheeseburger, crab cake, potato chip and stir fry...but, eventually I finished. I blow my nose and there it is...the ONE carrot I'd eaten in the stir fry comes rocketing out of my right nostril.  

That's actually the point I wanted to make. A f**king carrot was in my nose. Not cool, man. Aside from the obvious 'bummer quality' of expelling undigested food through your nose is that, in this case, it was the carrot.

I hate vegetables.  

That's all I got. 

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!