Thrill's Big Brown Blog Caught a Mood

June 20, 2017


Hey there. I'll be honest with you...I woke up in the worst mother**king  mood this morning. Crap, I already lied to you...and I said, "I'll be honest with you".   

Lemme try again.

Hey there. I'll be honest with you...I woke very exhausted this morning but in fine spirits. That said, 97% of the time I wake up, the first words outta my mouth are "f**k" or "sh*t". Sad, but that's how I greet the world most mornings. And not because I'm in a bad's just how I wake up.

I also routinely wake up to a child saying, "Um, Daddy...", and following that up with a request for something far beyond my capabilities; i.e., a 'shrink ray', 'magic potion', 'baby unicorn', etc. These are all actual requests that have been made in the last 7 days.

In case you're wondering, all of these things (shrink rays, potions and unicorns) can all be purchased at individual stores specializing in these products. My kids ASSURE me of this. this morning was no different the average 97% of mornings...and then I read the news.   

Now, I know that 'the news' is seldom good news. That's not its function, but some days are harder to deal with than others. Won't bother to go through all the details, but suffice to say I was in a sour state of mind. It lasted ALL morning and followed me to work.

I was aware of this and did what I could to keep quiet and not be "that guy". You know how it goes; someone has a stick up their ass about something that has nothing to do with you but they're a f**king assh*le all day anyway. Wanted to avoid that. Not saying I did, but I tried.  

Then, about 20 minutes after being here I was an in immensely better mood. Why? Because this show is ridiculous and the people I work with are equally ridiculous and this combination makes work fun. It's always a distraction from the lunacy and pettiness of the outside world.

I'm hoping that our show provides the same kinda distraction for you too.

Oh, and I may have sharted. I'll check later. Actually, I'll check NOW. Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!