The Do and Do Nots of Your Thoughts

March 19, 2019

Hola Bitcholas,


Inspired by yesterday, today we just asked "Whats the rule you live by and why?"

Here's another sample of what we heard today:


  •   Rule to live by....if someone holds the door open for you say thank you
  •   Never show a hooker how much money you have.
  •   The simple rule I live by: Don't be afraid to ask for something. The worst answer you'll get is no.
  • Rule: If the staff meeting is almost over, or just stupid, stop asking questions or interjecting useless things. We all hate you!
  • My rule is my blood type, B positive.
  • Don't put stuff on top of your car. 50 percent of the time, you drive off with that item still on the top of the car. Last time I broke the rule. Lost a pizza to the road.
  • Don't say anything about someone if you wouldn't say it to that someone
  • My rule is earn money first, then spend it. NEVER the other way around
  • Always fold the toilet paper, never ball it up. Learn that from you guys a couple years back from a caller that it called in
  • Life’s uncertain, eat dessert first!
  • Rule to live by: a stupid question is way better than a stupid assumption.

There were plenty more, but I'll stop there.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!