Slash Claims He Was Never Legally Married To "Ex-Wife" Perla Ferrar; Perla Responds

November 1, 2016

Divorces can often be very messy, and Slash's is no exception.

According to TMZ, Slash is attempting to block his soon-to-be-ex-wife Perla Ferrar from receiving any of his money by claiming that the two of them were never legally married. Slash claims that Perla is a bigamist because she was already married to her first husband Carlos Marty when they first met in 1993, and that she never filed the necessary forms to make their divorce final.

Perla says that they didn't know about it until 2009, so she and Slash had it finalized by a judge.

But according to Slash, that never happened, suggesting that the two of them haven't been married this entire time. If Slash's claim turns out to be true, that would prevent Perla from taking half of the money Slash earned during their "marriage," which would be tens of millions. Especially since Guns N' Roses' "Not In Your Lifetime" tour continues to be the most profiting tour of 2016!

TMZ caught up with Perla to comment on Slash's accusations, saying, "I have no idea why. It's very hurtful to me, and disrespectful to our children, and I gave him 18 years of my life. So it's a bit unexpected and humiliating."


(source: TMZ)