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STEEL PANTHER Vocalist Michael Starr: "We Don't Give A F**K"

Some bands just grab your attention. It could be their sound, look, mantra, or their song titled “All I Wanna Do Is F**K (Myself Tonight).” I mean, that bit of musical poetry would cause most to pause when reading an album review. Well for one L.A. band, that pause is not the only thing they want... Read More

Corey Glover Is Scratching An Itch With Disciples Of Verity

It seems that some artists are not truly content unless they have a ton of stuff going on. Being creative is not just something you can shut off, or put on pause. You have to keep moving, keep learning, and ultimately keep doing. Well for one Brooklyn-born artist, being busy is life itself. The... Read More

The Old School Inspirations Of Alter Bridge's Mark Tremonti

Establishing a distinctive sound is key for most rock bands. It acts as a familiar beacon that can be easily found in the sea of music that is out there nowadays. Every once in a while though, a group needs to creatively shake things up a bit. Now that doesn’t mean that a total reinvention of the... Read More

Shawn Sixx Chats with Mike Dean of Corrosion of Conformity

A band can go through many changes throughout its career. Some are well received, and some not so much. As with life, the music of a band can evolve and develop into something that might fit the creator’s particular moment. The key is to keep the actual core identity intact. Well for one heavy... Read More

Jean-Paul Gaster of CLUTCH on DOOM, Asylum and Influences

Every person is the product of a multitude of influences. Those effects are as rich and deep as they are plentiful. Even though we think we are aware of all the layers, every moment in life adds another. The process makes us who we are and without it, life’s experiences would be quite bland. Well... Read More

Following The Path With LULLWATER

There are moments in life when we must make a choice on which course to follow. No matter how excruciating those first steps may be, sometimes we just need to close our eyes and let the journey take us where we need to go. Well for one band out of Georgia, the musical path itself has taken the lead... Read More

3TEETH - Escaping The Gravity

You never really forget where you are from. As bleak as it may have seemed there, it forged your life path and helped shape who you are. Some of the people you left behind might have looked at you with a scornful jealousy because you made it out, but you were too much for that gravity that held... Read More

WEAPONS OF ANEW - Old School Intensity For A New Rock World

What does it feel like to be the opening band for a big headliner? I’m sure that it’s a bit daunting to think a good chunk of the fans just came to see the big name on the bill. Seeing most of the crowd in the back by the bar must affect a band’s motivation at times. You can’t let it get to you... Read More

CLUTCH - Expanding The Musical Vocabulary

Every band has performed a cover at one time or another. Some groups have made an entire career out of putting their own spin on a vintage hit. But what does the act of recreating someone else’s artistic endeavor do for another artist? Does it diminish the magnitude of their own original creations... Read More

Sounding the Alarm with SHALLOW SIDE

Have you ever had one of those moments where you cannot for the life of you figure out how you survived? I am sure you have, because I know I have done the same a few times myself. It seems that we all push things to the limit until someone sounds the alarm that we might have taken things a bit too... Read More