WEAPONS OF ANEW - Old School Intensity For A New Rock World

August 6, 2019

What does it feel like to be the opening band for a big headliner?  I’m sure that it’s a bit daunting to think a good chunk of the fans just came to see the big name on the bill.  Seeing most of the crowd in the back by the bar must affect a band’s motivation at times.  You can’t let it get to you though.  You need to come out hard, and pluck away as many of those big name fans as you can. You need to show them that you are worth their attention just as much as the headliner! 

The band WEAPONS OF ANEW are about to finish their run holding down the opening slot for SCOTT STAPP (yes that infamous singer from CREED), but they have not let their line-up spot on the tour hinder their motivation at all!  You see, this New Jersey-based band knows what it means to play first.  They understand that they need to come out hard if they want to convert fans one by one, and bring them over to the legions of WOA fans that are already out there.  WOA is not afraid to work hard and give it their all, even if it means they have to work harder than everyone else does!

I recently had the chance to sit down with RAY WEST and FREDDY ORDINE of Weapons Of Anew to talk about all things music before they took the stage at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury, MA.  Take a listen to our chat about what it’s like to be in a band at their age, being on tour with the infamous Scott Stapp of Creed, their recent album ‘The Collision of Love and Hate,’ being the opening band, and new music coming in 2020.  If you are going to a concert with more than one band on the bill, make sure you pay attention to the opening band instead of waiting in the beer line.  That opening band might just be the next headliner you have to wait in the ticket line for…

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