THE USED - Still Overcoming The Repression

November 7, 2019

Photos by Randy R. Udell


No matter how much a person is repressed, eventually they will try and break free.  In many cases, it’s because they have no other way to cope.  It wells up and overflows with a tsunami level fury.  Well for a band from Utah, that high water mark is still rising.

The members of THE USED always knew they would be performing music someday.  It’s almost as if they had no choice but to do so.  You see, the band’s members grew up in an area with some very strict ideals.  That upbringing caused an outcry of sorts.  One that resulted in a musical wave that had been building for years!  That music is still flowing almost 20 years later, and shows no sign of letting up.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Bert McCracken and Jeph Howard of The Used to talk about all things music.  Take a listen to our chat about how the art is the result of a restrictive environment, being the original OGs, and being inside the bubble.  

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