Sounding the Alarm with SHALLOW SIDE

July 2, 2019

Have you ever had one of those moments where you cannot for the life of you figure out how you survived? I am sure you have, because I know I have done the same a few times myself.  It seems that we all push things to the limit until someone sounds the alarm that we might have taken things a bit too far.  Well for one artist, fearlessly pushing the envelope seems to have taken his creativity to a whole new level!

For SHALLOW SIDE vocalist Eric Boatright, what started off as a group of guys playing classic covers in backyards and local watering holes has now manifested into something that has grabbed the attention of a national audience. That exposure has not come easy though.  Boatright has struggled to overcome the repressive naysayers of a hometown crowd, all the while trying to avoid falling prey to the weaknesses that crush the dreams of even the most determined artist.  It seems that for this vocalist, being able to roll with the punches has been progressively turning the tide in his favor!  

I recently had the chance to sit down with Boatright to talk about the deep waters that flow under his band named Shallow Side.  Take a listen to our chat about being accident-prone, level 1 trauma hospitals, fatherly advice, a band named STYX, and the new album ‘Saints & Sinners.’  Remember folks, no matter who we are, we all have those moments in our life that Sound the Alarm… 

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