The Other Side Of CHEVELLE...

November 5, 2019

Photo by Randy R. Udell


What does it feel like being a dad and being a rock star?  How do you balance both worlds?  Being a responsible adult while on tour can’t be easy.  Well for one rock band, that struggle is real!

The band CHEVELLE is not new to the rock world.  Coming up on 25 years in the game, they have seen their fair share of tour buses, cities, and stages.  To say it hasn’t always been easy would be an understatement.  It surely hasn’t been a boring trip to say the least!  

I recently caught up with Chevelle drummer Sam Loeffler and vocalist/guitarist Pete “Pedro” Loeffler at the LAS RAGEOUS festival to talk about all things music.  Take a listen to our chat about being a Dad while being in a band, getting drunk in Las Vegas, what things were shorted to be a skilled musician, and whether or not we were even there.  Remember folks, it’s not always fun and games being a Rock Star…

Chevelle will be starting a new tour later this month with support from The Band Royale and Convey. 

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