The Old School Inspirations Of Mark Tremonti

September 10, 2019

Photo courtesy of Alter Bridge


Establishing a distinctive sound is key for most rock bands.  It acts as a familiar beacon that can be easily found in the sea of music that is out there nowadays.  Every once in a while though, a group needs to creatively shake things up a bit.  Now that doesn’t mean that a total reinvention of the group’s sound is needed, but rather just a few surprises to keep things creatively fresh.  Well one rock band has artistically taken a few of those cues, and crafted an album that will keep its fans coming back for more...

The band ALTER BRIDGE is releasing a new album next month, and fans will not be disappointed! Yes it will be that audibly pleasing sound that everyone has come to know, but there are a few twists and turns that will surely get the attention of even the most attuned follower.  Let’s just say it all stems from the band’s guitarist MARK TREMONTI hearing an old school sound that inspired him to try something different.  It’s almost like the artist needs to eventually switch things up, no matter how many songs they end up putting on the record!  

I recently caught up with Mark Tremonti to talk about all things music.  Take a listen to our chat about what inspired the song ‘Godspeed,’ liking music and keeping the options open, the weight of teaching aspiring musicians, and Alter Bridge’s new album ‘Walk The Sky’… that drops October 18th.

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