JOYOUS WOLF Has Bigger Aspirations Than Nostalgia-Driven Hard Rock.

October 10, 2019

Photo by Steve Thrasher


There seems to be a bunch of rock bands doing the throwback thing as of late. The sound, the look, and the artistic stylings appear to be all the rage. Like they say, “Old is new again.”  Well for one group on the rise, that nostalgic nod has never been a comfortable association.  

The band JOYOUS WOLF has stormed onto the hard rock scene over the last 2 years with an explosive defiance that is rarely seen nowadays. Now don’t get me wrong, this attitude is not one of flippant disrespect for others in the industry and what they do, but rather it is a sense of confidence in creative identity. Even though many have tried to place them firmly into a genre pigeonhole, this SoCal quartet continues to stand their musical ground!

I recently caught up with Joyous Wolf frontman Nick Reese at Boston’s Orpheum Theatre to talk about all things music. Take a listen to our chat about sleeping on the floor of a van, being on tour with the legendary Deep Purple, not using a song mill, and having bigger aspirations than nostalgia-driven Hard Rock.         

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JOYOUS WOLF’s album Place In Time is out now via Roadrunner Records