The Complex Influences Of CLUTCH

August 29, 2019

Photo by Chris Benefiel


Every person is the product of a multitude of influences. Those effects are as rich and deep as they are plentiful. Even though we think we are aware of all the layers, every moment in life adds another. The process makes us who we are and without it, life’s experiences would be quite bland. Well one band is using those influences… using them to create some seriously elaborate music!

The band CLUTCH is known for having multiple layers to their music, but how deep do they go? When it seems that the modern day rock band is barely scratching the surface of musical complexity, this Maryland quartet‘s musical creativity seems to get thicker with every song. Just when you think you have them figured out, they reveal another side that transports you someplace else. It seems they might be one of the few rock bands out there that have preserved the tradition of creating experience laden albums. These are albums that not only enthrall your ears, but your mind too… 

I recently sat down with CLUTCH drummer Jean-Paul Gasterat the Psycho Las Vegas festival to talk about all things music. Take a listen to our chat about how complex the musical influences are for the band, the musical distance Book Of Bad Decisions travels, and how it is getting easier to be creative.  

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