Corey Glover Is Scratching An Itch With Disciples Of Verity

September 13, 2019

photo by Omar Cordy


It seems that some artists are not truly content unless they have a ton of stuff going on. Being creative is not just something you can shut off, or put on pause. You have to keep moving, keep learning, and ultimately keep doing.  Well for one Brooklyn-born artist, being busy is life itself.         

The multi-talented artist COREY GLOVER has a ton of projects going on, and that is exactly how he likes it.  It seems almost as if he gets off on being able to do so many things!  Yes, remaining busy and productive allows him the ability to maintain all the necessities of life, but it also keeps him alive creatively. That creativity has yielded some amazing stuff over the years, but it’s more than that for Corey.  This is about what makes him happy, regardless if people approve or not.  His survival is based on his ability to stay busy, and ultimately his opinion of himself. 

I recently caught up with Corey Glover to talk about all things music. Take a listen to our chat about Living Colour, working with guitarist Mike Orlando, how singing is still a fun thing to do, spending an entire career trying to imitate H.R. of Bad Brains, and a new heavy band called Disciples Of Verity.    

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