3TEETH - Escaping The Gravity

August 7, 2019

You never really forget where you are from.  As bleak as it may have seemed there, it forged your life path and helped shape who you are.  Some of the people you left behind might have looked at you with a scornful jealousy because you made it out, but you were too much for that gravity that held them there. You knew you were meant for bigger things... you knew it was your EXXXITtime! 

The band 3TEETH recently released their 3rd studio album ‘Metawar’ (their first under the Century Media label), and show no signs of slowing down their grind. You see, 3TEETH vocalist Alexis Mincolla was born into a work ethic that is distinctly Massachusetts.  One that is deep-rooted with a fearless creativity and relentless drive.  Being in a band was not Alexis’ first career objective though.  This Hull, MA native has studied political science and worked as a creative director at a music production school in Los Angeles.  That diversity is clear in his band’s sociologically complex lyrics and imagery.  That being said, you could describe 3TEETH’s music as sensory arousal with an industrial overtone.  So much so, it even attracted the attention of the band TOOL… who then took them out on tour!           

I recently had the chance to sit down with ALEXIS MINCOLLA of 3TEETH at the Brighton Music Hall in Allston, MA to talk about all things music.  Take a listen to our chat about being born on a couch in Hull, escaping the gravity of the South Shore, playing the tension game with a major label, touring with the band TOOL, and how there is no work ethic in Los Angeles.  Remember, you can take the guy out of Massachusetts, but you can’t take Massachusetts out of the guy… 

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