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Appice Brothers


SIXX STRINGS: Shawn SixX talks with drum legends Carmine and Vinny Appice Carmine & Vinny Appice have resumes that most musicians would make a deal with the devil to have. Between the two of them, they have played with some of the most iconic names in Rock-n-Roll. The Appice brothers share... Read More

Shawn Sixx is headed to The NAMM Show...

Well, it’s that time of year again. The music industry juggernaut that is known as “ NAMM ” will once again be taking over the Anaheim Convention Center . Now for you people that have been living under a Rock for the last century or so, the NAMM acronym stands for the National Association of Music... Read More

Event producer Keith St. John talks with Shawn SixX

SIXX STRINGS: Keith St. John of Ronnie Montrose Remembered The late Ronnie Montrose was truly a rock-n-roll legend. He inspired many of the musicians that we now consider icons. His level of skill and artistry is widely considered one of the most influential in the industry. Well, this Friday his... Read More
Gemini Syndrome

GEMINI SYNDROME Is Back With Intention!

SIXX STRINGS: GEMINI SYNDROME Vocalist Aaron Nordstrom Discusses New Album They say good things come in threes. Well for one band, that concept couldn’t be any more accurate. The band Gemini Syndrome has completed recording the last installment of a musical trilogy that is geared to make the hard... Read More

JOHN 5 Is Not Taking Anything For Granted...

Everyone has hopes and dreams when they are young, but how many actually achieve those aspirations? I bet it’s fair to say that it’s not too many. Well for one guitarist from Michigan, many of those dreams have come true, and then some! JOHN 5 has been living a life that most musicians couldn’t... Read More

VINNY APPICE Isn't Finished Yet!

No matter the amount of accolades you receive in your professional life, loving what you do is far more important. It can actually set the tone for everything else that happens going forward. Well for one veteran drummer, that passion is still strong! VINNY APPICE’s musical resume reads like a page... Read More

ATREYU - Still Being True To Themselves

No matter how much the world around you changes, you must stay true to yourself. That is essential if you want to have any longevity in life. Regardless if you have to make decisions that some might find questionable, you must know who you are and where you are going. Well for one California band,... Read More

THE USED - Still Overcoming The Repression

No matter how much a person is repressed, eventually they will try and break free. In many cases, it’s because they have no other way to cope. It wells up and overflows with a tsunami level fury. Well for a band from Utah, that high water mark is still rising. The members of THE USED always knew... Read More

The Other Side Of CHEVELLE...

What does it feel like being a dad and being a rock star? How do you balance both worlds? Being a responsible adult while on tour can’t be easy. Well for one rock band, that struggle is real! The band CHEVELLE is not new to the rock world. Coming up on 25 years in the game, they have seen their... Read More

Ben Cote of The Ben Cote Band on the Sixx Strings Podcast

Surviving the music industry has never been easy. Being artistically talented is not enough to get by anymore. You need to be not only business savvy, but unmercifully motivated as well. Unfortunately, many don’t possess all of those skills… no matter what level of instruction they may have... Read More