Sharon Osbourne Reveals She Has A Sexy Punishment In Store For Ozzy

September 28, 2016

While appearing on "CONAN" Sharon Osbourne her and Ozzy Osbourne's marital issues after it was discovered that Ozzy had been unfaithful to her with a hair dresser. After enrolling Ozzy into rehab for sex addiction, Sharon says that they managed to work everything out. "It's tough, you know, when you're an addict," says Sharon. "He likes too much alcohol, he likes too much drugs, he likes too much sex. Everything is too much, so it's tough for somebody that suffers with that."

Now that she and Ozzy have reconciled, Conan O'Brien asked if Sharon intends on having some sort of punishment in store for Ozzy's infidelity. Sharon responds with, "Oh, yes. Oh, big time! It's like he has to go downstairs for three hours every day!" 

"It's like, you say you like sex. S**k on that!"


(source: TeamCoco)