Scott Weiland's Widow Put Her Engagement Ring Up For Sale On eBay

August 17, 2016

Since the death of her husband, Jamie Watchel Weiland, the second widow of Scott Weiland is parting ways with the ring he proposed to her by selling it on eBay.

A post on her Facebook page reads, "This is the ring Scott gave me when he proposed. Eight months into this new chapter of my life, need to part with it. I am so sad to see it go but it's a truly gorgeous piece and I would love for it to make someone as happy as it once made me."

The ring's bidding starts at $8,000 and is described as "18kt white gold set with 2 - 25 point marquis diamonds, then mimicking the same marquis shape are 12 - 2 point round diamonds. Set on top of a seamless eternity band, that sits beautifully on the finger."


Early this year, Jamie Watchel Weiland filed a lawsuit against Weiland's estate, saying that he owed her $64,406. TMZ reported that both Watchel and Weiland signed a prenuptial agreement before being married in 2013 in which the late singer would grant Watchel $2,000 each month they were married, and would continue to increase by 7% each year. But according to Watchel, Weiland's estate only provided her with two deposits before his death in December 2015.

(source: Blabbermouth)