Rockers Rake In The Dough In Forbes' Celebrity Earnings List

July 13, 2016

According to Forbes' Global Celebrity 100, pop singer Taylor Swift came out on top as the highest-earning celebrity of 2016, pulling in a whopping $170 million. Some of the other celebs carrying bigger wallets include television personality Dr. Phil, FIFA player Cristiano Ronaldo, comedian Kevin Hart, and singer Adele.

But are rockstars still pulling it in like rockstars? Yes, and quite a number of them. Taking up one-tenth of the list, some of the biggest bands in the world continue to keep rocking the world, regardless of how much they make. But in case you were wondering, here is how much they managed to rake in in one year:

#17 AC/DC - $67.5 million
#18 Rolling Stones - $$66.5 million
#24 Bruce Springsteen - $60.5 million
#25 Paul McCartney - $56.5 million
#30 U2 - $55 million
#44 Muse - $49 million
#45 Foo Fighters - $48.5 million
#61 Elton John - $42 million
#67 Mumford & Sons - $40 million
#86 Dave Matthews Band - $33 million 

(source: Forbes)