Relax, Kanye West Won't Be Doing A David Bowie Cover Album

January 20, 2016

If you didn't suffer five miniature heart attacks after hearing the rumor that Kanye West would be recording an album of David Bowie covers, consider yourself lucky. The rumor stemmed from the UK tabloid the Daily Star, in which it stated that West believed that upon Bowie's death, that '"the torch' of musical innovation has been passed to him." An anonymous source in the Star is quoted as saying "Some are straightforward covers with Kanye actually singing. On others he is rapping with his own lyrics over Bowie's music."

Since the emergence of this rumor, over 14,000 online signatures have been gathered in a petition in an attempt to halt Kanye's efforts from covering Bowie's music.

Thankfully for Bowie and all of our sakes, the stars happily shined light on the truth that Kanye will not be covering Bowie. One of West's representatives refers to the Star article as "complete BS," and only emphasizes that Bowie was only a major influence for the rapper.

Perhaps Kanye learned from that enormous mistake of claiming to be "the greatest living rockstar" and then proceed to screw up the lyrics to Queen's  "Bohemian Rhapsody."

(source: Ultimate Classic Rock)