Radiohead Deletes Its Entire Online Presence, Leaving Fans Confused

May 2, 2016

Over the weekend, Radiohead fans started to notice something very interesting about the band's online presence: they're disappearing. Even the band's website, which at first started to appear faded, has now gone totally blank. The band's Facebook page, though still operational, is completely empty of content. The same goes for frontman Thom Yorke's twitter account, who has deleted all of his tweets. Meanwhile lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood's twitter account has seemingly gone untouched.

This sudden disappearing act has already begun to confuse and intrigue Radiohead fans. It all started when fans of the band received a pamphlet in the mail which read "Burn The Witch. We Know Where You Live." For those that don't know, "Burn The Witch" is the title of an unreleased Radiohead song dating back to 2003.


Now that Radiohead's online presence is practically gone, fans have appropriately responded to the phenomenon:




What this means is anyone's guess. We will report back once new information emerges.

(source: UPROXX)