Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin Involved in 100mph Police Chase

July 29, 2015

Puddle of Mudd lead singer Wes Scantlin has been arrested after a drunken 100mph police chase in Minnesota.

An officer from Revile County Sherrif's Department observed Scantlin driving 30mph over the speed limit, marking the beginning of a 100mph chase that ensued until the singer was forced to pull over by police.

While questioning Scantlin, police noticed that he was slurring his words and he had "very watery and bloodshot eyes."

Scantlin has now been charged with DUI and fleeing a police officer, with more possible charges of failing to agree to further tests while in custody.

The singer found trouble with the law earlier this year when he was detained on disorderly conduct charges in Milwaukee, as well as being arrested after taking a joyride on a baggage carousel at the Denver Airport in January.

In 2013 he was arrested for speeding, for a domestic disturbance and for vandalism. In 2012 he was detained for drug possession and for a disturbance on a plane. 

(source: TeamRock)