Prosecutor In Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" Case Has License Suspended

July 1, 2016

Francis Malofiy, the lawyer who lead the prosecution against Led Zeppelin in the alleged plagiarism of Spirit's "Taurus" with their song "Stairway To Heaven," didn't just lose the biggest case of his career. He has also been suspected from practicing law for three months for ignoring "various rules of conduct" while in court.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Malofiy's suspension stems from a previous case where he was verbally aggressive with the judge in another case involving Usher's alleged plagiarism of "Bad Girl."

Malofiy was accused of willingly misleading a witness and his courtroom behavior was described as "disgraceful." Judge Paul Diamond described Malofiy for being "sexist," "abusive," and "flagrantly unprofessional," warning that "Whether Malofiy should be removed from practice is a question properly answered in another forum."

It is also reported that "During the six-day 'Stairway' trial, Malofiy racked up more than a hundred sustained objections and multiple admonishments from Judge R. Gary Klausner."

(source: Ultimate Classic Rock