Professor Says Nickelback Haters Are Insecure

October 18, 2016

Nickelback has a bad reputation of getting dumped on by haters more than any other active rock band out there. Sure, they've sold millions of records and sold out shows, but that's not enough to stop some people from hating on them.

But according to Carleton University Music Professor, James Deaville, while doing research for a musicology conference, he believes that there is a perfectly good reason why "music shaming" exists for artists like Nickelback. "When I was beginning to do research on Billy Joel in preparation for putting forward a proposal for the conference, I realized that when I looked at the popular media, there was a fairly strong weave of disrespect and dislike aimed at him, and that began to get me to think, 'Well why don't I just look at this whole phenomenon then?"

"When applied to music, it's when your taste is considered by someone else as somehow second rate or, even worse than that, it's considered deplorable. And this is something that can be either stated or more indirectly nuanced."

In other words, Professor Deaville believes that the main reason why there are some many Nickelback haters is because they are letting their insecurities show. "I think it has its origins in personal insecurities about our own tastes, and so we then project that onto others," said Deaville. "It's often someone who has been shamed who will pass on the shame, so to speak."

(source: CBC)