Police Officer Recalls Incident Involving Courtney Love and a 'Suicidal' Kurt Cobain

September 14, 2015

Tom Grant, a Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy theorist featured a police report from Officer Everett Edwards on March 18th, 1994 about an incident in which Courtney Love dialed 911 saying that Kurt had locked himself inside a room with a gun, and that he was feeling suicidal.

The following is from the police report written by Officer Everett Edwards, who was the first officer to arrive at the scene:

"I arrived and contacted Courtney Love. Ms. Love stated that Cobain, Kurt had locked himself in a room and that he was going to kill himself. She also stated that he had a gun in the room.

In an interview with the author, Everett Edwards (now Detective Edwards) told me that when he arrived at the house, Courtney Love was standing on the front porch screaming wildly: 'He locked himself in a room! He's gotta gun! He's gonna fucking kill himself!'

Edwards told me that he then informed Love that he would have to wait for backup to arrive before he could enter the house.

'Well, if you're not gonna do anything, then just get the F*** out of here!' Love shouted.

But other units arrived within minutes. Next, several officers entered the house through the front door while Officer Edwards and his partner headed for the backdoor.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

According to articles published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Associated Press on April 9th, the day after Kurt's body was discovered, Seattle Police officers located Cobain in a locked room inside the house and then forcibly 'coaxed' him from the room. Many other media outlets subsequently repeated this story, but it turns out to be completely untrue.

According to Detective Everett Edwards, the reality is that Kurt Cobain was not inside the house at all when the police arrived that day. Instead, when Edwards and his partner attempted to enter the house through the backdoor, they discovered an unarmed Kurt Cobain sheepishly standing in the backyard with his hands in his pockets. Moreover, Cobain did not appear suicidal; rather, he seemed deeply embarrassed by the situation.

'He just really wanted to get out of there,' said Edwards (who had then, incidentally, never heard of Kurt Cobain).

Next, Officer Edwards asked Kurt Cobain to accompany him to his patrol car to discuss the situation. Cobain agreed and calmly walked down the driveway and sat in the backseat.

'He was just a very, very nice guy,' said Edwards who sat beside Cobain and spoke to him at length.

Cobain told Edwards that he wasn't suicidal, and explained that he simply locked himself in a room after an argument with Courtney. He emphatically denied that he ever said that he wanted to hurt himself. Edwards also told me that Cobain did not appear to be under the influence of any drugs whatsoever.

In due course, when the other officers interviewed Courtney Love inside the house, she actually admitted to them that she made the entire story up. According to the police report:

'After further interviewing Ms. Love, she stated that she did not see him with a gun, and he did not say he was going to kill himself. However, when he locked himself in the room, would not open the door, and knowing that he had access to guns, she contacted 911 for his safety and wellbeing.'

Kurt Cobain would commit suicide two-and-a-half weeks later.

(source: Alternative Nation)