Pizza Shop's Headbanging Sign Spinner Boosts Profits By 40 Percent

January 30, 2017

With our as divided as ever, sometimes all it takes is just one ordinary guy to help bring us all together. And pizza... can't forget about pizza.

Who is this folk hero that has arisen in America's time of need? His name is Michael Hildreth from South Arlington, TX he has successfully merged two awesome things into an Oreo cookie of awesomeness: heavy metal and pizza. For the past two years, Hildreth has been working as a sign-spinner to attract customers to Papa Murphy's Pizza. Thanks to his love for headbanging to metal music, the pizza shop's profits have gone up forty percent!

But how did the headbanging Hildreth become our country's newest hero? "I kept showing up late for work over the course of about a month, a month and a half or something," he told CBS. "My boss got a little irritated with me, so he sent me outside as a punishment." But instead of just being some guy holding a sign, Hildreth took the job role one step further by listening to a little metal and playing the sign like a guitar. "I don't like the idea of being bored while you're working," Hildreth said.

Although he has since become a bit of a local celebrity, not everyone passing by is familiar with Hildreth's heavy metal hobby. "Some lady didn't know who I was, so she called the cops [and> stated that there was a local man on the corner acting like he was high," said Hildreth.

Check out his full story below!

(source: Loudwire)