Papa Roach Jams Straightjackets, Duct Tape, And Lots And Lots Of Livestock In New 'Traumatic' Video

December 26, 2017

Riding the wave that is their new Cooked Teeth album, Papa Roach has been having quite the eventful 2017. So what better way to close out the year than to release their new video for their track "Traumatic" just in time for Christmas!

"Traumatic" is no ordinary performance video. They've got balloons, wacky sunglasses, fire breathers, shaggy cows, straightjackets, and enough duct tape to hold drummer Tony Palermo against a wall. So consider it more of a visual celebration for their successful record and headlning tour.

As they venture into 2018, Papa Roach will be touring around the US with Nothing More and Escape The Fate, and will likely re-enter the studio for a follow-up album to Crooked Teeth.