Ozzy Osbourne Was Very Anxious When He Returned To The Alamo

July 21, 2016

With father-son duo Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Osbourne's new reality series "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour", one of the more publicized moments includes Ozzy's return to The Alamo in San Antonio, TX. Osbourne was banned from ever performing in San Antonio after he allegedly urinated on the monument after a night of drinking in 1982. He was spotted wearing a dress at the time of his arrest because his wife Sharon Osbourne hid his clothes in order to prevent him from going out in public.

Ten years later, the ban was lifted after Osbourne had donated $10,000 to the Daughters Of The Republic Of Texas, who are responsible for The Alamo's maintenance.

While speaking with EW.com Jack Osbourne said of their visit to The Alamo, "It was actually much worse, so much so that we had to chop a bunch of things down in the edit just, because it was really quite charged. There were a lot of people there; we weren't expecting it to turn into what it did. The city of San Antonio was great with allowing us the access, but in the same boat, they totally threw us under the bus, like announcing at a city council meeting that we were coming. We remained relatively under the radar doing this show and going to San Antonio and having that happen was just like, 'Oh, man.' My dad is great with crowds, and he's great with all that when it's in his setting, but he was a musician in the '80s when there was a lot of aggression toward what he does, and he always worries, 'Is there that one lunatic in the crowd?' So I think that just made him really uneasy."

Ozzy and Jack recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss their new show, and the subject of the Alamo incident came up. "There must have been a thousand people there," said Jack. "Angry people?" asked Jimmy Kimmel. "It was all very positive," replied Jack. "Positive for you, not for me," Ozzy interjected. "There was a guy with a hood on and a noose on a rope and said, 'Welcome back Ozzy!'"