Nick Hexum Of 311 Celebrates The Diversity In Their Upcoming "MOSAIC" Album

June 23, 2017

For 27 years, 311 has accomplished a milestone not many bands have had the privilege to achieve. That is all five of its original members still making music for almost three decades. Now with 11 studio albums under their belt, they are ready to add another notch with the release of their 12th album, MOSAIC.

In an interview with Artist Waves, frontman Nick Hexum relishes in the moments leading up to a new album's release. "Morale is high, excitement is high. The fact that we've stayed under the radar and never got over-saturated has helped us have that kind of longevity and steady presence," says Hexum. "I know this record is such a step forward and our fans are really going to love it." He continued, saying, "It's been years in the making and it's such an exciting buildup to the drop of the record. Like our music, there are so many builds and drops. You can hear it on certain songs, then you have that release which is more of a modern style."

Their previous album, Stereolithic was comprised mostly of demos the band has been eager to take out of the closet, whereas according to Hexum, "everything was written specifically for the album (MOSAIC)." 17 brand new songs to be exact. "311 is at its best when we have this wild creativity that will allow you put whatever you want in a song and let your imagination run. You take a song like 'Wildfire' that goes through so many different movements, I think that's just a unique 311 experience."

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(source: Artist Waves)