A New Audioslave Record And Tour Were In The Works Before Chris Cornell's Death

August 31, 2017

When Chris Cornell appeared at the Prophets of Rage's Anti-Inagural Ball in January 2017, it was marked as the first official Audioslave reunion after 12 years. While speaking with Music Radar, guitarist Tom Morello revealed that a new Audioslave record and tour were also in the works.

Morello tells of unheard Audioslave material stored away in their musical vaults that they had planned for release in a new Audioslave album. But since Cornell's unexpected suicide in May 2017, that project has been scrapped, though there's a possibility the stored demos could be released as its own record.

An Audioslave tour was also on their minds for many years, but were unable to commit due to all of its members' busy schedules.

Morello also praised Chris' underrated guitar-playing ability, crediting his "unothodox" style to some of Audioslave's hit songs. He even admits that because of Chris, Tom has to use a cheat sheet whenever he plays "Like A Stone" live!