What can you find in the woods of Massachusetts?

How about Aerosmith's van!?!

August 7, 2018

When is the last time you went walking through the woods?

Ever been to Chesterfield?

Well, according to THIS episode of American Pickers on the History Channel, maybe you should have gone!

They spent $25,000 on the van, that is part of the History of Rock 'n' Roll, and it's been verified!

According to Masslive, "Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz made their way to Massachusetts after receiving a tip that the original tour van of the legendary rock group Aerosmith was on a property in Chesterfield." 

"The pickers called a member of The Black Keys, who connected them with Joe Perry, lead guitarist of Aerosmith, which formed in Boston in 1970. Perry connected them with Ray Tabano, a guitarist and founding member of Aerosmith, who just happened to be in Stockbridge at the time. He drove out to Chesterfield and confirmed this was indeed the band's original touring van." 

I never find anything but empties in the woods, this is crazy! I hope to see it in traffic one day!